Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Whole30 Update: What Worked & What Didn’t

If you recall from last Monday, I decided to give the Whole 30 paleo diet a run for it’s money. With much anticipation and little prep work, I began my week with a hopeful and determined vision. Ohhh if only I could warn naive little Michelle what an endeavor this would be. It wasn’t necessarily that it was hard to stick to this diet because of the cravings, but it was more so hard to prep and make sure I was eating Whole 30 approved meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I will say off the bat, I already knew Thursday and Friday would not be compliant with the diet as it was my brother in-law’s wedding and I predicted we would be taking full advantage of the wedding festivities.

I wanted to break down what aspects of this diet totally worked and those that were a total fail. I know it’s only been one week but I am trying to be as realistic as possible about maintaining this lifestyle and I want to find a way to make most of it work for me. Some of the restrictions seemed a little overboard to me. The point of Whole 30 is to pinpoint what your body can tolerate so by eliminating dairy, wheat, soy, and slowly adding them back one at a time after the allotted thirty days, you are able to help diagnose where your health related issues are coming from. I do not have any current health struggles or restrictions and became interested in the Whole 30 diet as a way to readjust my eating habits.


  • No grains/carbs
  • No processed sugars
  • No alcohol (for the most part)


  • Small doses of dairy (ie: dash of nonfat milk in coffee, sprinkle of parmesan on salad)
  • Diet coke and other stevia-based beverages
  • Legumes

Primarily what I’ve learned in the last week is that this diet is helping to keep my meals structured and filled with healthy foods. I’ve limited my intake of wine as in the past, I was pouring myself a routinely glass of red while preparing dinner throughout the week. At first I anticipated really missing dairy and grains but I haven’t seemed to struggle too much with opting out of whole wheat toast, greek yogurt, or sour cream.

For breakfast I’ve replaced my usual biscotti/coffee routine for two eggs with a side of grapefruit. I’ve noticed that starting my morning out with a protein packed meal gets me more energized and ready to tackle the day than an empty calorie biscotti ever would.

For lunch I’ve been preparing salads with homemade dressings or enjoying last night’s leftovers. Before, I would buy a packaged salad from the store that was filled with additives and unnecessary carbs and sugar.

For snacks I’ve eliminated processed packaged goldfish, cheez-its, and empty calories for an apple or carrot sticks. It didn’t take long for me to realize that 120 calories worth of goldfish will tide me over for about a fourth of the time 120 calories of vegetables or fruit would. A current favorite of mine is cherry tomatoes sliced lengthwise and half an avocado diced, tossed in some red wine vinegar with a dash of salt and pepper.

For dinner I’ve been diligent about cooking something protein packed and compliant with the diet regardless of how long or hard my day has been. I’ve really been avoiding frozen packaged foods as those were a go-to for hectic weeknights.

For eating out I’ve found it easiest to eat at Chipotle. I love ordering their salad bowl with chicken, fajita veggies, black beans, pico de gallo, and a drizzle of their salad dressing. Lucas and I are diehard Chipotle fans and I don’t feel like I am missing anything when ordering this. In the past my usual order involved the additives of sour cream, cheese, and brown rice.

Again, this was only week one and definitely filled with trial and error. I am still experimenting, learning, and educating myself on what I put into my body. I don’t view this as a one month phase but more so fine-tuning my eating habits and the diet’s outlines are helping shape it.

Have you tried this specific diet? If so, what worked or didn’t for you? Leave any tips down below in the comments, I’d love any advice!