Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Shower Essentials & Organization

Showers are so therapeutic for me and I often find myself making excuses to take one after a long stressful day of work or when everything just seems to be going wrong. Standing under a running stream of nearly boiling water while acoustic music is blasting on the speaker just seems to solve all my problems in that moment. For those twenty minutes I am focused on absolutely nothing. The shower is never a place I go to think or work out problems, but instead a safe haven built around uninterrupted zoning out. The kind of serious zoning out where your gaze is fixated on a white wall for twenty solid minutes while zero thoughts pass through your head. The only worry on your mind is if the water temperature is dropping.

One of the best ways I achieve this “no thinking” retreat is by keeping a clean and organized shower space. As with any space in my house, I am unable to enjoy it’s purpose to full capacity if it’s cluttered and dirty. If you remember my Household Cleaning Schedule from recently, I like to scrub down my shower weekly. Between my purple hair shampoo and orange self-tanner I think it would look like a clown showered in there if I didn’t do this routinely!

We currently rent a two bedroom, one and a half bathroom condo so space is limited. I love this bamboo hanging shower caddy from Target that is long enough to house the tall bottles on both shelves while still being minimal and compact.

I like to organize all of my facial products on the top shelf for easy access as well as a bottle of salts for whenever I feel like taking a bath. I rotate out my face washes and scrubs depending on the season or phase of life. I find that switching up my products keeps my skin guessing and helps it to not get acclimated to one specific regimen.

The Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub has been a long time favorite of mine. It is gentle and purifying and great at removing makeup. I typically shower at night and take the Clean&Clear Morning Burst cleanser out for the mornings. It is citrusy and refreshing and rids your face of dirt and oil, making it infinitely easier to wake up and start the day!

On the lower tier I keep my body products. I love using the St. Tropez gradual tan every other day to maintain my bronzed skin. I didn’t even know this existed until a month ago when I stopped by my local Ulta. The instructions are to apply as body wash and let it sit on the skin for three minutes and then wash off. If you repeat daily you can build up a gradual tan. It’s seriously the most non-fussy tanner I’ve ever met!

I like to keep a pumice stone in the shower to use every few days. One of my biggest annoyances is callused/rough feet so I’m pretty religious about taking this step so that my heels remain super smooth. As mentioned several times in past posts, my Unite Blonda Shampoo and Conditioner is a must for keeping locks cool-toned. The Mayfair body wash is another longterm favorite of mine and smells so luxurious (bonus, it also works as a bubble bath solution!).

I actively try to cut back on how many toiletries are stocked in my tub. There are always new products hitting the market and I work hard to resist from buying everything that piques my interest. My general rule of thumb is to only keep whatever products fit solely on my shower caddy. Any additional products get swapped and stored below my bathroom sink until I run out of something.

What are your shower must-haves?