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Michelle Got Married

Self-Tanning Tips & Loving Tan Review

With the warm weather approaching, I am back to tanning (artificially, that is). I spent a good deal of my late teen years under a tanning bed and I so badly regret my actions. For some insane reason, I was obsessed with burning my skin to a crisp all for the allusion of that sought after “sun-kissed” glow. I have yet to experience the detrimental repercussions of my actions but I foresee my future involving frequent check-ups at the dermatologist. It was not until recent years when I understood the serious ramifications of not protecting my skin and now diligently apply SPF whenever spending multiple hours under the sun to avoid the harsh UV rays.

All of that to say, the closest I come to tanned skin now is fake tanner. I still enjoy having some color to my skin and this is my method of choice. Over the years of experimenting, I have found a successful application method and self-tanner brand that I use faithfully. I can always rely on Loving Tan to give me a natural even application. These are some of the techniques I find most helpful when applying fake tanner as well as a list of reason on why Loving Tan trumps it’s competitors.


  1. To achieve an extra dark tan, apply one even coat and let dry 10 minutes and then go back on for an additional coat. I normally opt out of the second coat unless I am going on vacation or special trip.
  2. Apply a coin sized amount of lotion on your wrists, ankles, knee caps, and any other areas prone to dry skin before tanning to prevent patchiness.
  3. Tan your face first without the mitt and then wash your hands immediately. It will apply more evenly than with the glove.
  4. To extend the longevity of your tan and insure a consistent color, moisturize daily with a generous amount of lotion after every shower.
  5. Apply extra tanner on your neck as it’s the palest part of your body and will not absorb the tanner as saturated as your legs or arms.
  6. Instead of using a full pump of tanner for the drier parts of your body like your feet and hands, use the leftover on the mitt to add a sheer less-concentrated layer.
  7. Leave tanner on for an additional 30 minutes than directed time on the bottle to secure a uniform complexion.
  8. Before tanning: dry brush your skin, exfoliate your body with a scrub, and shave your legs to remove all excess dead skin. This will help the tanner completely adhere and will increase longevity.
  9. If you are struggling with noticeable lines on the hard-to-cover areas such as your hands or feet, take an old makeup stippling brush and use it to buff out the tanner for blended edges.
  10. After first applying tanner to your face (see #3), work from your feet up. It will prevent any marks or lines happening from bending over to reach your legs and feet.

(^ picture taken right after showering off 2 hr Express in Dark)


As I mentioned above, Loving Tan will always have my undivided attention. The 2 hr Express in Dark is my go-to shade. There are so many reasons why I prefer this brand over any others when it comes to tanning, here are just a few.

  1. Does not leave the signature “fake tanner” smell on your skin after showering, that is common in most tanning products.
  2. The express formula will leave your skin tanned and glowing with only needing 2 hours to develop. It is my favorite version to use as it does not monopolize your entire day.
  3. Dries matte while developing. This tanner does not leave the perpetual sticky residue on skin like familiar brand, St. Tropez, making it easy to sit for a few hours while developing.
  4. The end result is a deep olive toned complexion. Unlike most tanners, this has your skin looking naturally bronzed instead of Oompa-Loompa orange.
  5. The formula is very forgiving so you don’t need to be worried about streaking or unevenness.