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Michelle Got Married

Rustic Baby Shower on a Budget

This past weekend I was down in southern California hosting a baby shower for my older sister. She is on baby number 2, a little girl, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Because she’s already been thrown a traditional shower for her first child, this was more of a “sprinkle” if you will. We decided to have a brunch in the late morning with just a few activities set-up. I wanted to go for more of a casual “hang-out” vibe as opposed to awkward, forced, and cheesy (as most showers normally go). Luckily, this worked out well since all of the ladies attending were from their church and were acquainted with one another. In this post I’ll explain some of the short-cuts I took to achieve a beautiful rustic themed shower brunch without the huge price tag!


Alright lets discuss the most crucial part of any party.. the food! I decided to do buffet style so that guests could serve themselves and we wouldn’t have to worry about place settings at a dining table. To make things easy I served a lot of pre-cut bite size portions. The menu consisted of croissant sandwiches, yogurt parfait, 2 quiches, pasta salad, and an assortment of pastries. To make things really easy, I went to Costco the day before the shower and purchased the frozen quiches, pre-made pasta salad, and all of the bagels/danishes/muffins. The only cooking/prep-work involved for this spread was assembling the croissant sandwiches, putting the quiches in the oven, and throwing together the yogurt parfait. Around 25 guests attended but at the end of the shower there were plenty of leftovers. To give some depth to the table we wrapped random boxes in brown paper tied off with twine to raise some of the platters. The table cloth was a faux-linen paper cloth found at Walmart. To add some visual appeal I created food tags by folding card stock and hot gluing lace to the tops and bottoms. It’s the little touches that add up to really pack a punch!


As far as beverages were concerned, we decided on 3 “brunch-like” drinks as well as a coffee station (not pictured). To make things simple, I purchased a couple containers of lemonade and orange juice from Costco and a pack of mint leaves for the water. It was cheap, simple, and added a nice variety for guests to choose from.


Because my sister isn’t one for games I decided to have a few activities set-up just as something for the guests to do if there was downtime. To save money, I hot glued lace and twine to notecard size pieces of card stock with a sign ($2 chalkboard from Walmart that I painted) instructing guests to leave some advice for raising a little girl. As decoration, I purchased a wooden letter “A” for about $2 and wrapped twine around it and tied it off with a lace ribbon. It cost practically nothing and added a nice touch. My sister liked it so much that she plans to save and display it in her baby’s nursery! The “Welcome Ara” burlap sign hanging on the mirror was also another cheap score. I purchased the plain sign for $3 at Walmart along with $0.50 pink paint and went to town. I also found a 12 pack of glass candle votives for just a few dollars and hot glued lace and burlap around them to place throughout the tables. Often times it is easy to get suckered into the land of Etsy and purchase all of these handcrafted pre-made decorations for upwards of $30, but you don’t need to be artsy to pull it off yourself for way less!


Because it is common to receive cute tiny outfits for the newborn, I set up a few strands of twine with miniature clothes pins above the gift table to display the presents. That way, the entire party is able to admire and view the outfit without needing to pass it around. Before the shower started, I hung up a few outfits my sister already owned so that on the chance she did not receive any outfits it still served as decoration. As far as party favors, I purchased nail polish from the brand Milani in a bunch of neutral shades ranging from golds to blush pinks. I wrapped them in tulle, tied it off with “its a girl” ribbon and displayed them in a wooden crate to pass out to guests as they left. It was a big hit and everyone took one! The reason I chose Milani nail polish is that it was only $0.97 a bottle and was not as widely recognized as a “cheap” drugstore brand such as NYC or ELF cosmetics.

I hope you found this post helpful in planning/hosting a baby shower. If you decided to use any of my tips or ideas, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear how your party turned out!

xo, Michelle