Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Pantry Makeover – Tips & Tricks!

Let me start this off by saying for the most part, I am an organized person. I need to have a spot for everything and love when my home is in order. Flashback to February when Lucas and I got married, the wedding week was a mess! We had people coming and going for the two weeks prior to our big day. In addition to that, I was in the process of moving my stuff out of my parents and into the new place (Lucas was great and let me be the one to move in first before our wedding!). To top that off, we were receiving lots of presents in the mail and I wanted to make sure I could keep track of each one to properly thank the generous friend that sent us a wedding gift. All of that to say, the pantry basically became a storage/hoarding center for the first few months of our marriage. When we got back from our honeymoon the last thing on my mind was to organize our pantry and instead get settled in with my new groom.

Embarrassingly enough, I don’t really have an excuse as to how it took me thiiiis long to come around to organizing it. It originally seemed a lot more tedious and daunting. With only 3 back-and-forth trips to Home Goods (sigh) and 8 hours later, my new pantry was ready to debut!

I feel like you might not appreciate my makeover as much if I don’t show you the before picture first. So without further ado, here is the disaster that lived for 7 months in my pantry eeeek.

It’s bad… I know it is.. It’s okay, go ahead and bask in all of its unorganized awfulness. And now onto the good stuff!

Beginning with the bulk items, I decided to use large Mason jars and custom labels. I knew that the best method of organization would be to eliminate store bought packages and dump my products into sealed containers. Lucky for me, there are so many options available right now because mason jars seem to be “trendy.” I was able to purchase all of my containers from Home Goods and Target. Going into this, I knew I wanted chalkboard labels so that if I needed to change products or switch things up, it would be a breeze. I purchased a roll of Chalkboard Tape from Target. They only have these in select stores, but online they carry something way cuter than my method, Precut Chalkboard Labels. These are so much prettier and will get the job done! I used Chalk Markers to write on the labels.
As far as snacks are concerned, I purchased these fresh seal plastic containers from Home Goods for roughly $7 a piece, to store our bulk snack items. The individual wrapped items were placed in cloth wire baskets pictured below (and no we don’t have children, my husband just eats like a 5 year old yet somehow seems to have the fastest metabolism ever). On the bulk snack items I cut out the nutrition labels and taped them to the bottom of the container so that I can always access the information without it becoming an eyesore. 
I actually found these wire baskets in the “laundry” section of the store. Sometimes my brain gets stuck on “I need containers for the kitchen, let me look under the kitchen section” and I forget to venture out for items not specifically geared towards the project I’m working on. I also used decorative adhesive contact paper to help spruce up the otherwise basic shelves. It took roughly 30 minutes to measure, cut, and apply but I’m happy with the results! 

For the cereal, I purchased OXO Good Grips so that it would stay sealed and fresh. I also cut out the nutritional label so that I could easily identify each cereal as well as the nutrition facts. I used a Clear Plastic Tray to hold all of my cling wrap, foil, wax products. For the floor I purchased a large metal and cloth basket that says “PANTRY” on it. I thought this would be a good place for all of our bottled/canned drinks that currently don’t fit in the fridge.

And here it is.. the final result, top to bottom. I can finally enter my pantry without the normal mini heart attack that usually ensues!