Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Office Desk Styling & Wall Collage

Last weekend in light of Valentine’s Day, I convinced Lucas to paint my office white. I know what you all are thinking, ‘wow who turned up the romance on this marriage?’ But believe me, it was a total blast! Short story is that the condo we are renting has completely dark beige walls (yuck) and I always struggle with taking bright lively photos in our home because the color totally overshadows and tones everything down. I’ve complained to L for months how I just need one solid white room where I can take all my photos, and finally won him over with “if you help me paint this room we don’t have to do any mushy stereotypical things for v-day.” On Saturday night we rolled up our sleeves, blasted some catchy tunes, poured ourselves a generous glass of wine and got to business. It only took a few hours and I am more than pleased with the results!

I have been putting off decorating this room for quite a while but in light of painting the walls, I’ve been re-inspired to tackle the job. I must admit, I commonly struggle with commitment issues (I feel the need to specify that this is solely regarding decorating). My problem is that I visualize something spectacular in my head and then get too scared to execute it, worrying that it might not turn out as great as in my head. Eventually, this inward battle is put to rest as I take a hammer to the wall and overcome my fears.

Feminine Chic

Going into this, I knew I wanted a wall collage with feminine touches that would personalize my little corner. I totally underestimated this process and the effort it would take to pull together a cohesive wall that looked visually appealing. There are a myriad of collages on Pinterest and I started seeing so many that I was getting confused on my original concept and theme. Rustic, modern, retro, preppy? The lesson I learned from this process is to stick to your theme and color palette. Naturally I gravitated towards a few different tones of pink.

After I devised a plan of what elements I wanted to incorporate, the next step was making all the individual pieces go together. I was able to create most of these text images on photoshop so that my shades of pink were in the same hue. I think the key to a successful wall collage is to include many different patterns and don’t be afraid to frame solely textures as I have done with the flowers and Dalmatian spots. Mix and matching frames help to break up the symmetry and look more eclectic. To tailor this corner of my office to my personality that meant framing my favorite quote, a line from one of my favorite worship songs, my new last name, my wedding date, and a few feminine touches that make me happy. If you aren’t well-rehearsed in photoshop, Etsy is a pool of trendy artwork and digital prints that you can download instantly. I spent a while on there collecting ideas and inspiration.

To pull together the desk I kept it simple and organized. I like the pops of gold from the lamp, tray, and magazine holder as it breaks up the almost-overpowering whites and silvers. The marbled bookends were a great way for me to display some of my favorite home and fashion reads. If you haven’t noticed the trend in my posts yet, I love flowers. Fresh flowers, faux flowers, I don’t discriminate I’ll take them all. This is why I was happy to frame an image of them as well as put some fresh hydrangeas out on display to liven up the corner.

In the future, I would love to get my hands on an oversized piece of framed artwork to put on the adjacent wall of the collage. However, “budget” is very much a word in our vocabulary, so there are definitely still some loose ends. It’s a step in the right direction, but more so a corner in the room that is pulled together rather than the whole package. No complaints here though, I have a new pretty view to work at now, and couldn’t be happier!