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How to Style a Champagne Bar Cart

Bar carts are incredibly stylish and have been on the rise the past few years, and for good reason! They are extremely versatile and can easily function as a makeshift bookshelf, coffee cart, end table, catch-all, and on New Year’s Eve- a champagne bar cart. Although just recently trendy, bar carts have been around for decades. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to score an antiqued one from a flea market, or aim for a more modern one from a home interior store. I purchased mine from Target a little over a year ago.

I love the idea of dressing up a bar cart for a New Year’s Eve party because it can easily be positioned into a convenient place for all guests to access.  NYE is a wonderful excuse to celebrate with metallics, champagne, and all things glittery. Some of the accessories I styled for this cart are silver and gold chocolates, party hats for guests to grab, festive straws, and a “pop clink fizz” sign I crafted. Check out my tips to maximize the utility of your bar cart and get some ideas for your own champagne station this New Year’s Eve.

The Breakdown

Location: Choose an area to set up the station that would be easily accessible and eye-catching. A great spot to assemble your cart is over any tiled or hard floor surface to reduce the cleanup from any potential spillage. Keep in mind that you will want your station placed in a prime location where your company will be gathering.

Backdrop: To make your cart the glitzy center of attention, assemble a backdrop to draw more eyes towards the set-up. In this case, I used oversized balloon letters on trend with the night’s theme. You can also opt for black and gold helium balloons tied to a corner of the station or glitter streamers fashioned behind it.

Treats: Regardless of if you are serving dessert, set out a few bowls filled with metallic wrapped chocolates for guests to pick at as they pass by. It serves as both a decoration and sweet treat to snack on.

Cocktails: As the name suggests, champagne is the main attraction of this small table so be sure to make it the focus! I set up my flutes and bottles on a removable acrylic tray that can be easily passed around. They are also the center of attention and readily available for guests to serve themselves as they please. You will also want to stash a back-up bottle chilling in an ice bucket on the less accessible shelf for when the top bottles run low.

Accessories and decorations: Framed words, decorative paper straws, tassel garland, and party hats were all used to dress up my champagne display. Keep in mind not to overstuff your cart with too many unnecessary items, as its main purpose should be a self-serve cocktail station for guests, not an ornamental exhibit.

Happy New Year!!