Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married


shower display hanging caddy

Shower Essentials & Organization

Showers are so therapeutic for me and I often find myself making excuses to take one after a long stressful day of work or when everything just seems to be going wrong. Standing under a running stream of nearly boiling water…CONTINUE READING →


50 Things That Really Grind My Gears

(photo from when Lucas and I had our first session of premarital counseling during our engagement!) Not to be a total debbie downer, but I thought I would do the polar opposite of last week’s post, 50 Things That Make…CONTINUE READING →

easy menu whiteboard diy

Easy Kitchen Menu Planner: DIY

Today I wanted to share an easy kitchen DIY that can be made in just a few minutes! I saw this idea years ago and had wanted to do it but always pushed it off. I love the idea of having…CONTINUE READING →

cleaning schedule checklist weekly download

Household Cleaning Schedule & Printable

It’s been a crazy week for the Fitch family. We’ve been watching a family from our church while the parents are in Italy with their eldest son. They are gone for nine days and we are almost in the homestretch. Lucas…CONTINUE READING →


50 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been seeing this tag pop up all over blogs lately and decided I would give it a shot. The good news is that I well exceeded fifty things that make me happy and had to chop it down. There…CONTINUE READING →

erin condren planner review tips

Erin Condren LifePlanner: Review & Tips

I have been an Erin Condren enthusiast for years now. Everything she touches she makes beautiful and extremely practical! Just recently, I switched over to a vertical layout and it has totally changed the way I plan. When I first started…CONTINUE READING →


Ohio for the Weekend

MAY 10, 2016Please excuse my lack of posts the past week, as I just came home from a whopping five day trip in Ohio! My cousin just graduated from Ohio State University and I flew out there to celebrate with her and her family…. Continue reading →

erin condren life planner

Friday Favorites

It’s finally FriYAY! I’ve had a thoroughly productive week filled with lots of boring work, deep-cleaning every crevice of my house, visits with old friends, testing new recipes in the kitchen, exercising my pup, exercising myself (hello spin class nice to…CONTINUE READING →