Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Household Cleaning Schedule & Printable

It’s been a crazy week for the Fitch family. We’ve been watching a family from our church while the parents are in Italy with their eldest son. They are gone for nine days and we are almost in the homestretch. Lucas and I have taken over the role of “mom and dad” by doing all the drop offs/pickups for school and sports games, in addition to cooking dinners each night, staying over at their house, and spending some quality time with them. Lucky for us, all three of the kids are absolute peaches! Someone joked with us that this would be the best form of birth control and we’re quickly realizing it’s quite the opposite. Another advantage of staying at their house is that they have a huge backyard and a golden retriever (who is Lincoln’s new BFF) and they play and run around alllll day long! I’m so happy he has a little playmate to keep entertained.

Anyways, with our hands being tied pretty much all hours of the day, I haven’t been able to work on my normal to-do’s around the house and I feel things slowly piling up. Even though we’ve been staying at the family’s home, we stop by our place every few days to drop off laundry and pick up some clean clothes. The house is starving for a few hours of TLC that I can’t seem to give it until next week. Typically, this is what I would be spending my Friday morning doing right now. 

(I have a pull-out metal drawer under my kitchen sink that houses all of my cleaning supplies. It is equipped with everything from carpet powder refresher, tub and tile spray, to all appropriate tools like grout brushes and protective gloves.)

I print this out every Friday and spend that entire morning completing the list. I find that if I do this every seven days it is finished in only a few hours because there isn’t much build up to scrub away. I love cleaning the house on Fridays because when L comes home from work that night it officially starts our weekend on a good note. We always have impromptu plans thrown together and often times our house is the place to host gatherings with friends and so it doesn’t hurt that the home is pretty much spotless before guests are over.

Here is my Weekly Cleaning Checklist that is available to anyone interested in using my method! Just click on the link, download the PDF, and print it up at home. I’ve found that if I make my work look pretty, it’s much less intimidating, hence the palm tree print 🙂

I have a more in-depth checklist that I tackle at the end of every month that is more hyper focused on cleaning the nooks and crannies of the house. Stay tuned for that!