Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Holy Guacamole

I think we all can universally agree that guacamole is really the only reason to wake up each morning. If I were to describe my dream date it would somehow involve copious amounts of that wonderful green mash. I’m almost certain the only job title on my resume says “guac enthusiast 1993-present.” You get the point.

That pre-packaged neon green paste they try and pass off as the real deal at grocery stores will be completely overlooked after whipping up your own batch. But really, no more nodding your head in agreement with the Chipotle burrito folder as they hastily warn you that guac is extra.  After you make the homemade stuff, not much else can compare.

I don’t care how fancy your guacamole recipe is, it will never beat this 5 layer perfection. For some reason, guac tries to get way too fancy with all the unnecessary extras such as sour cream, tomatoes, jalapeños, garlic, etc. Stripping it down to the basics is what makes this dip so powerful, creamy, and delicious.

If you are making your guac ahead of time, squeeze the half of one lime on top of the mash and cover tightly with cling wrap to reduce browning until ready to serve.

Lucas and I love to make a batch of this and cook some cubed chicken breast in taco seasoning, serving together for a quick and healthy weeknight meal. What are your favorite guacamole concoctions? Let me know down below! #ExtraGuacPlease #GuacIsLife