Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Friday Favorites

It’s finally FriYAY! I’ve had a thoroughly productive week filled with lots of boring work, deep-cleaning every crevice of my house, visits with old friends, testing new recipes in the kitchen, exercising my pup, exercising myself (hello spin class nice to see you), laundry on laundry on laundry, and of course I found some time in there to stop by my neighborhood Target because… Target. Enough said.

Here’s what I’ve been especially loving this week:

1. Target $1 FindsThe first section I always start at in Target is the dollar section because, hello duh. Lately they’ve been stocking their shelves with colorful sticky notes and summer themed post-its and I’m definitely not complaining especially with the dollar price tag. They’ve already been getting great use in my Erin Condren life planner.

2. Fitbit AltaI picked up the Fitbit Alta after chatting with a friend about the benefits and being persuaded to buy one. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and finally took the plunge. Well, it’s been a few weeks and safe to say I’m loving it! I did not anticipate how motivational this tool would be, but really just bought it as a way to keep track of my stats. It’s hilarious the extra moves I’ll do in a day just to hit another 1k mark. It gets to the point where I’ll be getting ready for bed and doing jumping jacks in the bathroom so that I can round up to a final thousand. I also love that it tracks my sleep so I can really monitor how much rest I’m getting at night. I think my next purchase will be this adorable pink leather band to swap out the black. So chic!

3. Vaseline Rosy Lips

Alright, I know I already mentioned Vaseline Rosy Lips in Monday’s post but it’s so good that it needs a little extra recognition. This is straight up butter for your lips! I guess that sounds semi unappealing depending on what you’re into.. but honestly it’s replaced my Burts Bee’s obsession and if you know Lucas and I (we have about a stash of 30 laying around our house), this is a big deal.

4. Target Loungewear

As if I didn’t need another reason to spend money at Target.. they’ve been expanding their selection of loungewear. Lately I’ve been all about reaching maximum comfiness whether I’m at home to work or relax. I can’t get enough of these french terry shorts or their loose fitted zip-up hoodies. Also, how cute is this MRS. tank?! They just released a bunch of bridal/wifey/married tops and I’m not complaining (sadly only in stores and not online at this time).

5. Blonda Unite ShampooI believe I’ve mentioned this product on my Loving Lately post last month, but it’s been a huge help in preserving my ash-blonde locks. My hair hasn’t been this light since I was a child when it was actually natural, so I’ve never known the difficulty of preserving cool toned hair and preventing brassiness. My hairdresser recommended Blonda Shampoo & Conditioner to me and I now trust her with my life.

6. Lush DressThis past weekend I had a “girl’s night” with my good friend Sarah. We got all dressed up and unintentionally matched to go downtown to eat pizza and grab drinks. I wore my Lush dress in hot pink and I got so many compliments! I own the dress in three different colors because it is seriously the perfect all-occasion dress. Baby shower? Wedding? Date night? This works for it all! Also, my wedges are from Target and I’ve been wearing them a ton lately. They are extremely comfortable and cute, win win.

That just about wraps up my Friday Favorites. I’ll be linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals! I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my hubs these next few days and just unwinding. Have a great weekend 🙂