Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Friday Favorites 11/06

Hi all! Things have finally died down for us so Lucas and I have been taking it easy this week after having a couple weeks of insane work schedules. It’s so nice to be back in our routine and spending time together again. Today I am sharing some of Friday favorites from this past week!

{ONE}[Over The Knee Boots || Wine Shift Dress]

This photo is super grainy and not quite in focus but it was the best we got! Last Saturday on Halloween we wanted to have a quiet evening in and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. We live in a condo complex but it’s within a gated community that has homes so we assumed that we’d at least get some kids at our door. Zero. Zero kids rang our doorbell. I don’t think Lucas really cared though because he enjoyed digging through our candy bowl haha. While we were waiting for the nonexistent trick-or-treaters we decided to try and take a family picture with our camera on a self timer. The number of pictures I have of Lincoln walking around in the frame all blurry is in the hundreds. We finally ended up with this photo and I’m just going to be grateful that he’s actually looking at the camera!


Christmas everyyyyyything!!! I am all for celebrating Thanksgiving and the fall season and everything wonderful that comes with November however I can’t help but get excited and blast Michael Bublé’s Christmas album at maximum volume!

{THREE}Lucas and I started this new routine of taking our pup out for a nighttime walk after dinner every evening. Outside of our home is a trail in the center of the community that goes in a loop and it’s a solid 15-20 minute walk. It’s been so chilly lately like 45 degrees by nightfall and we love it! We get all bundled up and make hot chocolate or spiced cider and take Mr. Lincoln out to release some energy. I love spending the quality time with Lucas and getting to just talk about our day together. Love love love our little tradition 🙂

The return of Gilmore Girls!! My sister called me freaking out when she heard the news and we couldn’t be more thrilled. There’s always an 80% chance that Gilmore Girls is playing on my tv at any given moment. I am so excited they are releasing a few 40 minute segments to wrap up all the unanswered questions we have! My sister and I have already agreed to be together when they are released so we can binge watch together. Read the full article here.


If you don’t know by now, I am a very particular person. I know exactly how I like things and don’t like settling (not one of my best qualities I’ll admit). We have a two bedroom condo but have left the spare room vacant for 8 months now due to me not being able to find the “perfect” desk. I always had a vision for how I wanted our office to turn out and I scoured for hours upon hours on websites trying to find what I had pictured. A few weeks ago I found this desk and instantly purchased it. I wanted a corner “L” desk, with lots of storage, in a rustic wood color and this did all of that for me! Lucas set it up last night so I haven’t had time to actually accessorize it yet but it’s safe to say I am a satisfied customer. I originally found it on a random furniture website but a quick google search led me to discover that the same desk was offered and sold through Amazon for a cheaper price! Definitely excited in the coming days to pick out accessories and accent pieces and pull this room together!


Why did no one tell me that grown-up coloring books existed?! Seriously so cool!! I’m no artist by any means but this is so relaxing! I ordered both the Secret Paris Coloring Book and the 48-pack colored pencils off of Amazon and have been coloring in this book when I have down time while watching a show on Netflix. It’s filled with beautiful sketches of Parisian architect, outfits, pastries, and more! So happy I stumbled on this haha.

That is it for this week’s favorites. I have a new post coming on Monday so be sure to check back in!