Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

February Favorites

Can I just say how excited I am for February to end? Is that allowed? I’m sorry but after Valentine’s Day, February is pretty much useless. Now that’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s perks like our wedding anniversary or Lucas’s birthday, but it definitely drags on for being the shortest month of the year. Maybe the real issue here is that I’m just SO ready for spring and summer.

Neons and pastels, grassy hills and budding flowers, floppy hats and white sundresses, blue skies and warm breezes, wedges and oversized aviators, weddings and vacations, country music and BBQ’s, Easter and 4th of July… have I gotten you on board yet?! If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am always planning months in advance (you know this if you follow me on Pinterest). I already have spring home decor and Easter outfits on my mind.

I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in what seems like forever, so I thought I would catch up with a look at this month’s front-runners. Welcome to the segment I like to call, “Unedited Blurry iPhone Pics That Didn’t Make the Cut for My Formal Blog Posts.” These are my favorite moments, activities, and products that I have been enjoying all month long!

Pilates: Remember how two seconds ago I stated these are the things I’ve loved most this month? I’m not sure if what I’m about to talk about counts because if I’m being honest it’s pretty much a hate-hate relationship. Kidding, sorta. Look, I know working out is healthy, good for you, blah blah blah, but sometimes it really sucks. As of November I’ve been a member at a local Pilates studio and have been taking classes pretty diligently ever since. The only reason I’ve stuck to it so long is because of the major results I’m seeing. I always aspired to be toned and lean but never found a method that achieved what I wanted until this. Pilates preformed on a reformer board is no joke! We do cardio circuits, strength training, stretching, and each class is an hour long. I take 1-2 classes a day, 5-6 days a week. It’s exhausting but the outcome of toning my body and losing weight is so worth it!

Lincoln: Is it too predictable of me to say how obsessed I’ve been with my sidekick? Cut me some slack, he’s the closest thing I have to a kid for the time being! He’s finally outgrown his annoying puppy phase where he just wants to bite everything and jump on everyone. We successfully leash trained him, so now taking him on walks are actually enjoyable for the both of us. Whenever I’m in the kitchen cooking it’s a fact that Lincoln will be sitting inches away ready to lick up any scraps that conspicuously drop on the floor.

Spring Colors: I admit it, I’m a cheater. The first day of spring is March 20th, but I’ve spent all month dreaming of the breezy days to come. Soft pink polish on the nails, fresh white hydrangeas in every room, coral lipsticks for every occasion, and beautiful blush blossoms outside my office window; these are all things I’ve been thoroughly loving this month.

Clean Eating: Sigh. So apparently if you want your workouts to count you actually have to eat right. That means saying no to the sweet little Girl Scout at your door and saying yes to really boring things like vaguely seasoned lean meats, repetitive fruits, and endless vegetables. The only perk to this whole process is yummy healthy recipes exist online, you just have to experiment a lot until you find the good ones. I haven’t been too consistent with my healthy eating in the past, but February has been a month of baked spinach chips and a limitless amount of salmon, with the occasional sweet (healthy) treat to get me by, like these Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Well that’s been it for our February, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!