Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Fall Home Decor

YAAAYYY FALL!!!! I made a celebratory loaf of pumpkin bread yesterday and a cup of hot cinnamon apple tea for this very occasion. For months and months I have been telling Lucas how excited I am for fall and the holidays and now we are just on the brink of all the goodness that’s to come! I love living in northern California because while it may not snow in the area I live (booooo) we still get to enjoy a majority of all four seasons unlike down south (read: San Diego). I absolutely cannot wait for rain boot weather, chilly fall air, crackling fires, lots and lots of pumpkins, Thanksgiving, and so much more! I actually inherited my crazy fall obsession from my mother. She grew up back east and is fall’s biggest fan. My mom always made the holidays and this season so special that even the act of smelling pumpkin bread baking in my oven can set me back to years ago where my childhood was filled with trips to Tahoe when the leaves changed colors and watching It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on repeat while making caramel popcorn balls and carving jack-o-lanterns.

I think what excites me most about this season is that I get to share it with the love of my life, a first for us! We got married this past February so last year was filled with hectic wedding planning and lots of to-do lists. Since we did not move in together until after marriage we did not experience getting a Christmas tree together, putting up decorations, or any special traditions. While some might call this eager, I say who cares! The first day of fall was yesterday which gives me all the clearance in the world to put out some fall inspired decor in our home. Also, I may or may not be listening to Christmas music as I type this, no judging!!

Here is a snippet of our fireplace mantle. I laid out some leaf garland and snagged that adorable “autumn greetings” wood pumpkin for under $3 at Hobby Lobby. I also displayed one of our engagement photos that was taken in Tahoe last fall, I thought it was fitting 🙂 I also purchased this Thankful Marquee Wooden Sign that I plan to put on my mantle as soon as November hits. 

This little corner is still under construction! I have been on the hunt for the perfect end table for FOREVER and still haven’t found one that’s budget friendly and still meets my expectations. For now, we are using a handmade stand that was made by Lucas’s grandfather as a wedding gift for us. On top of this stand he had built a box with a latch for people to put their envelopes in at our reception. It is so meaningful to us and something we will always cherish. Unfortunately it’s a little too tall to use as our permanent end table and the wood coloring clashes with the rest of the room. I got that metallic glass pumpkin tray from Home Goods for around $5 and discovered it worked well to display our coasters. PS: have you smelled the Autumn Wreath Candle by Yankee?! Fills your home with exactly what you’d expect fall to smell like. 

Here are two angles of our couches with our “fall pillows.” For the spring and summer season I had a robin egg blue theme going on in my family room but colder weather calls for darker colors! That flannel blanket was purchased off amazon, we actually bought it last year as a prop for our engagement pictures and I just happened to find pillows that matched perfectly with it. I love this little wooden tray that sits on my coffee table! It’s basically filled with every version of pumpkin that you’ll ever need. The wooden pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby and of course a signature Pumpkin Spice candle (would it even be fall without one?!). I found that glass pumpkin jar from Target for only $7 which is a steal in my eyes! I sadly had to pass on the fall colored M&M’s and fill them with candy corn cause lets be honest candy corn sucks haha and that way I’m not tempted with a big bowl of chocolate every time I sit down to watch TV. This little guy will eventually be hanging on our door! Our front door is metal (??!) and so I can’t nail a hole to hang it so I need to purchase a wreath door hook to hang it up. I found this at Hobby Lobby for only $12! I liked the idea of a fall wreath but am still scarred from an incident last spring when I had an Easter wreath on our door and a colony of gnats decided to make that their home. One day Lucas and I were closing our door and a swarm of them came flying out from underneath creating almost a black cloud. IT WAS TERRIFYING. Since then I haven’t been able to get back into the whole wreath thing hahah. Mayyyybe I’ll make an exception for Christmas, but for now, this will do.  This beautiful porcelain white and gold pumpkin bowl was found at Home Goods. I didn’t know what I would use it for at first but just knew I had to have it. And for only $7.99? How can you beat that?! Of course I had to fill it with a fall staple… Caramel Apple Pops!! It’s not fall until you have one of these. The best part is you can enjoy it guilt free knowing they’re only 60 cals each 🙂This is my most recent fall decor purchase! I found this wooden wheelbarrow at Target in their Thanksgiving section along with the gourd/pumpkin vase filler. The leaf runner was purchased from Home Goods.

Are you sick of me saying “fall” and “pumpkin” yet?! I hope not cause it’s only September… better get used to it! I many many more fall inspired posts coming soon 🙂 Thanks for reading! Let me know if you saw anything you liked or how you’re decorating your home for this season!

xo, Michelle