Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Easter Went Something Like This…

I hope everyone had a great Easter! Lucas and I had a wonderful time this weekend attending a service at our church on Good Friday and a phenomenal sermon on Sunday reflecting the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have both grown up Christian our entire lives but agreed that no matter how long you have been saved, the message of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins is never outdated or too repetitive to be reminded of.

In light of this sacred holiday, we invited my parents over for an afternoon brunch to gather in fellowship with one another. This is a little peek into our Easter.

Last year we hosted both sets of parents and I’m going to sound a bit blunt but it was pretty crowded. The condo that we rent is fairly small and we had only been married two months so there was not much in the means of furniture. Needless to say, the only accommodations were a single loveseat and crammed dining table. This year, we split the time with our parents and had mine over for a brunch and then visited his in the evening.

I kept the table barren, playing up textures from the charger plates and napkins to tie in the rustic neutral palette. How cute are those lemon and lime salt and pepper shakers that I scored from Target? I’m obsessed!

Because I was only hosting brunch, I was able to keep things simple with a buffet spread featuring hash browns, spinach scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, english muffins, strawberry coconut salad, and hot cross buns. It was quite the relief after serving a three course formal dinner the year prior (not to mention there was no ham or carrot cake on the menu to dry out…)

After some great conversation and lots of food, we headed over to my in-law’s for an afternoon visit. There’s no wrong time for a selfie, am I right?

After chatting with Lucas’s family for a while we reconvened with my parents at their house for a late dinner. We love bringing Lincoln over whenever we get the chance because they have a huge yard with ample space for him to run and stretch his legs.

While setting up the tripod to snap a few pictures of Lincoln I caught this candid and priceless face on Lucas. I think he was over pictures and bunny ears at that point 🙂 #InstagramHusband

That wraps up our non-eventful but memorable Easter for 2016! I am off to catch some sleep and start my week off on a good note. I am flying down to San Diego on Wednesday for work and I cannot believe I’ll be leaving Lucas for 10 straight days. It’s always so hard being away from him for so long, but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short!

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