Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married

Decorating for Easter & Spring

If you read my February Faves, you know that I’ve been happily anticipating spring. Not only does the world around us transform into a beautiful lush green and the birds come out to sing, but it’s a time for reorganization, decluttering, and newness. I love to spruce up our home this time of year by rearranging decorative accents, displaying some spring-friendly items, and buying a few new pieces to mix it up.

For the front of our home, I purchased some pink potted flowers from the grocery store which contrast nicely with our maroon door. Our old welcome mat was looking tired so I swapped it out for this new one that I picked up from Target.

I absolutely love this bright colored egg wreath as it’s festive and eye-catching. I scoured Home Goods for a similar wreath, but was let down. Luckily, Hobby Lobby stepped in and saved me from emotional distress with this gem.

As always, when the seasons change my blankets do as well. I swapped out my thick flannel blankets I had in there for the chilly winter in exchange for this lightweight pale blue one.

My mom gifted me that cross last year and I love it! It’s the epitome of what Easter is about. I purchased the Bible verse engraved stone from Hobby Lobby. 

I had really wanted a simple neutral toned banner for the mantle but couldn’t track one down anywhere, so I just went ahead and made one myself. I found the burlap pendents in the dollar section at Target and freehanded them with some cream acrylic paint.

I almost always have a bowl of individually wrapped candies or mints on our coffee table, especially during the holidays. It’s pretty silly, but I get ecstatic when I see guests reaching for the dish, enjoying whatever I’ve put out.

Our couch got a refresher with a single crisp navy pillow and striped lightweight throw. I love the look of multiple assorted pillows on a couch but it becomes so frustrating when watching tv as they take up optimal space, so we’re trying this “less is more” thing for the time being. 

On our kitchen table, I displayed these glittered eggs that I found at Home Goods on a blue and white pinstriped table runner.