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Coffee Table Styling & Decor Ideas

Coffee tables are essentially the center of attention when it comes to a family room or living space. I love to dress up my table with relevant and useful elements as it is regularly used as the center console for the room. The beauty of having a tray to display everything is that it becomes a catch-all for the miscellaneous items such as remotes, coasters, and that of the like. My set-up frequently receives a facelift every month or so for I become antsy when something remains the same for too long in my home.

Keep in mind that less is definitely more when it comes to decorating this space. The main focus should be functionality, with only a few extra accents sprinkled throughout. The last thing anyone wants is to have a table flooded with pointless ornaments. After all, there needs to remain some dead space for resting your feet or placing drinks.

Let’s talk about the constants that every coffee table tray should include. By following these basic guidelines you will be able to pull together a cohesive, stylish, and functional tray to impact any room.

The Breakdown

The Catch-All: Start your coffee table display with a medium to large sized tray or platter that will be the designated gathering place for all of your items. I own numerous trays that I like to swap out depending on the season. Textures play a big role in giving this set-up personality so consider elements such as acrylic, metal, marble, whicker, wood, or wire. Based on what your coffee table looks like, pick a shape that offsets it. I have a large rustic rectangular coffee table so using a circular tray helps break up the harsh lines and adds a refreshing perspective.

Greenery: Every coffee table needs a touch of greenery. Whether you use faux or live plants, it will add a fresh aura to your room. In my current display, I’ve contrasted the pink peonies with a small succulent to help break up the femininity from the flowers.

Trinkets: Layer trinkets throughout your display to add a personal touch. Anything from candles and vases to practical uses such as coasters and a bowl for remotes.  For this setup I went with a more traditional look. I wanted something fresh and bright to wake up the room. The slate coasters help counteract the soft pink hues. The striped vase brings a new color into the palette and becomes an interesting focal point.

Elevation: To keep your tray eye-catching, build some depth. Stack items on top of books to create dimension (Elements of Style is one of my favorites). Use items in a variation of sizes from tall vases to short candles to keep it visually stimulating.

I hope these tips were useful in pulling together your own display. Would love to hear some of your favorite ways to decorate this table space!