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Michelle Got Married

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

What if I told you I had the answer to one of life’s biggest headaches? Well my friends, I am about to change the way you bake sugar cookies forever. Today we’re talking about the easiest, quickest, no-chilling required, no spread, sugar cookie recipe to ever exist. Sounds impossible right? When I first stumbled upon this gold nugget last year I distrusted all the wonders it claimed to be. To my surprise, after a quick test batch in the kitchen, my doubts were thankfully proven wrong. I absolutely detest cookie recipes that require refrigerating the dough for 2+ hours before rolling out and cutting. Literally no one has time for that, which is why I’m so grateful for this recipe.

This is quite possibly the simplest method for cutout sugar cookies that will yield the most perfect results. These confections stay 100% true to their form with little to no bleeding during oven time (I’m talking microscopic movement). They are baked to a soft golden brown on the bottoms with no noticeable color change on the edges. It just begs to be topped with royal icing, the ultimate sugar cookie duo!

With Valentine’s Day approaching I wanted share this staple recipe for all your sweet treat baking needs. But really, this is the most universal recipe that should be your cookie standard for all future baking projects. Once you have nailed these soft melt-in-your-mouth delectables, the sky is your limit. Between birthday parties, monthly holidays, anniversaries, showers, and more, there is almost always a reason to whip up a batch and get creative with the decorating.

*My dang dog jumped onto the counter this morning while I was out and tore into 3 dozen un-iced sugar cookies and left only some remains of foil.. I almost remade the batch just so I could take some more photos but realized I was out of flour. So yeah. It’s been one of those mornings. Sorry for the lack of pictures!