Michelle Got Married

Michelle Got Married


Hey there! For those of you genuinely stumbling upon my blog and not here due to my shameless exploitation of Facebook friends, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Michelle and I am married to the hunk, formally referred to as Lucas, pictured above. I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist (and not the good kind. The kind that will procrastinate a huge project because it seems daunting and unachievable.. I digress) and a follower of Jesus Christ. I can be commonly found roaming the aisles of Target or standing on my chair at a restaurant to get the “Instagram worthy” shot of the breakfast spread.

I love using my camera to photograph anything inspiring and eye-catching. Half the challenge (and fun!) for me is figuring out a way to create a beautiful picture out of something ordinary. I am always chatting with friends and family about my favorite weeknight healthy meals or the best beauty products on the market and thought that this would be a great creative outlet to continue those passions.

With my growing love for photography and an extensive interest in all things beauty, baking, and organization, Michelle Got Married was born.


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